3 Simple Tricks to Get the Most From your Storetasker sessions

How’s your Shopify journey coming along?

I want to thank you for trying Storetasker. Whether you’ve completed a project or have yet to submit your first request, we appreciate you signing up. We’re building this up to be the #1 place to outsource Shopify work.

If you haven’t signed up, it’s FREE to sign up and submit requests, you only pay for cost estimates you approve.

Our goal is to cut the hassle out of hiring Shopify expert help, and make it more affordable, without compromising on the quality of work. Typically, sorting through applicants on Upwork or sending numerous emails to experts, without any guarantee of a reply, can be time consuming.

On Storetasker one project request submission can reach up to 65 vetted Shopify experts.

The platform itself is quite unique. While we diligently work on improving the experience inside the platform for Shopify merchants, I wanted to share 3 tips that can make it work to your advantage.

1. We connect you with an available expert, but you still have freedom of choice

When you submit a project request, and your request gets by an expert, you should instantly feel good about the connection and the welcome message you get from the expert. If you don’t feel like you’re off to a great start with your expert, you can immediately cancel the claim which will allow you to show the request to another expert. Some key things to look for are a welcome greeting and good questions that will help the expert further assess your needs.

The first expert will not be able to claim your request a second time, he/she won’t see it. While we hope you do not need to use this feature, it’s important to know that you do have options. I wish Uber had this option 🙂

2. Phone calls work!

If you feel like your project is smaller or simple, the chat workroom should be more than enough for the expert to understand your needs and give you an estimate. If you feel like it’s a little more complex, we encourage you to ask for a Skype call to clarify things. All communication should be on the platform as per our terms, except for these calls. This protects you in case something doesn’t go smoothly, our service team can mediate and solve things very quickly. If there is any sign of communication or payments happening off the platform, we can’t help.

Note that when you make a project payment, Storetasker holds the payment in escrow until the project is marked as complete.

3. Estimates have a 5 day time limit

There is no limit on the time you and your expert can discuss the project requirements, but once the expert has submitted an estimate, you will have up to 5 days to pay and approve OR decline this estimate. After which the estimate is no longer guaranteed. You can use these 5 days to discuss the estimate, negotiate it and strengthen the expectations. If it’s not the right price for you, you should decline and send the project request back to the open pool for another expert to help you OR simply close it if you will not move forward with it on Storetasker.

These are 3 simple ideas and features to help you get the most from Storetasker.

Let us know your thoughts if you’ve gone through a project or two with an expert or send us your questions.

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