Storetasker Beta is here!

How’s that Shopify store coming along?

A few weeks ago I posted an offer (and need), on the Shopify Entrepreneurs group, for store owners to help beta test a different kind of app and service called Storetasker.

Storetasker is a human powered app that connects store owners with vetted Shopify designers and developers, at affordable prices. We describe ourselves as the Uber of Shopify experts. Yes, I just said that. Hiring on upwork or Fiverr is like taking a taxi, hiring through Storetasker is like choosing Uber. Our goal with the app is to cut out the often invisible costs associated with finding, screen and hiring reliable developers for you, that work at predictable and affordable rates.

For years, we’ve noticed a huge disconnect in the Shopify support space, especially when it comes to helping store owners find reliable and affordable help. The average store owner is lost and has to make costly mistakes aka learn the ropes, until they fully understand how to hire technical help as non technical entrepreneurs. Not a cool story, bro.

Agencies and developers often charge amounts that price out growing stores from working with them, and off-shoring to developers with poor command of English can look cost effective, but if the project gets delayed or doesn’t get done right, who loses? You, the store owner. You lose time and money…and hair.

We’ve been operating since April 2015 — we’ve helped thousands of store owners (over 3,586 to be precise) get small tasks done and bring Shopify entrepreneurs closer to their vision and ideal store. Everyday we painfully refuse projects because they are too big or out of range for our task queue system. We absolutely hate sending people blindly back to the Shopify Experts directory (aka the jungle) to find help. Don’t get me wrong, the Shopify experts directory is a platform of magic. Stuff does get done there, but it’s not perfect and the average store owners is not supported through the process. And, we would never dare refer them to Upwork or Fiverr, friends don’t do that : )

We also noticed that mid-top level Shopify agencies command rates of $80-$150. Ok, they decide on their rates, that’s fine. But these prices (and the unknown, risky outcomes of these projects for people who don’t have experience managing projects) just doesn’t work for bootstrapped, non-technical, growing store owners. Oh and by the way, I’ve seen and heard of agencies do that ballpark quotes on the super high end, completely on purpose. When they are busy, and they do get busy, they over bid, and if a potential customer commits to their high project quotes, they re-prioritize. It’s their indirect way of saying NO, we don’t want to work with you, without using the word NO. Now, many agencies do things the right way and have their niche — but we feel like Storetasker is a better fit for growing, self-funded Shopify stores.

In our app, after submitting your first project request, and you get your first estimate, you will see that we’ve standardized the hourly rate for all work at $65/hour. We found that $65 is a sweet spot for getting professional work done. This is our assumption and our beta phase will prove or disprove it. We’ve built great relationships with expert, native English speaking, Shopify developers, all of which operate lean businesses with little overhead, making $65/hour a manageable and fair rate for them. So, all estimates on project requests are made based on this predictable hourly rate. Just like Uber, you don’t get multiple confusing bids from a handful of developers, we connect you with one at a time. Yes, kind of like Uber, you get matched with a reliable driver at a reliable price, and you accomplish your goal — which is to get to the restaurant by 7pm.

The $65/hour rate is also high enough to ensure we’re working with serious store owners. Great work at $65 is a bargain, it’s not the cheapest, but our focus is ensuring you get matched with the right person and that your project gets started and finished, on time.

There is a commission of 10–25% kept by the platform, that’s how we make money, but it’s taken from the $65, not added to it. We don’t want to make money by burdening store owners any more than they are. So we’ve worked out a sliding commission scale that will reward developers that perform the best. It’s totally a win-win-win.

Nowhere else is this offered to growing Shopify store owners.

We’ve built our first version of Storetasker and we need your help! It’s been months of hard work trying to build something unique, to eliminate the pain point of screening, hiring and managing quality designer and developers. We want you to execute and complete your projects.

So, if you’re looking to push through on a project that you’ve been holding out on, install our app and submit your first project request. We have a pool of 14 developers that are ready to work with you. Through the process, we’d love your feedback on the app experience and quality of work you received.

We have a beta Slack channel to better organize the feedback, we will invite you as we see you install the app. Your participation in the Slack channel will be helpful and we also have our developers there ready to pick up communication with you should something go wrong in the app.

Once the app is installed, you’re free to submit project requests and then sit back. You’ll get matched with a developer that has the skills needed to get it done. Once you approve and pay for the work, we keep the payment in escrow until you confirm that the project is done! You can re-submit new project requests and work with the same developer or get matched with new developers on future projects.

If you want to talk about the app, I’m available via the Storetasker Slack channel. All beta store owners that sign up will get an invite!

Jonathan (Founder/HeyCarson & Storetasker)