7 important Shopify tasks Storetasker experts can help you with this week

What’s Storetasker? How can it help growing Shopify businesses?

Storetasker is a free Shopify application built to serve the underserved market of growing, bootstrapped Shopify merchants looking for pre-vetted, better quality expert help than what can be found on Upwork and Fiverr, but at a working rate that makes sense for a growing business.

Storetasker Experts are web ninjas

After 2 years running the highest rated Shopify expert team at, with over 13,000 small jobs completed for 4,500 Shopify merchants, we’ve come up with many insights and conclusions. One of our stronger conclusions is this effective, working rate of $65/hour. All Storetasker experts offer job estimates at this rate. As long as the design and development work delivered at this rate brings results with the least amount of hassle, we know motivated merchants are willing to invest.

The best part for merchants using Storetasker is there are no hefty minimum budgets required. Jobs can be 1 hour or 20 hours. You won’t get priced out of expert work for not committing thousands up front. That’s really the best part!

We love helping merchants with small jobs at HeyCarson. We love it. Really. It’s hard, it’s needed and we’re good at it. We’re not perfect, but we’re excellent — and we know it’s not a fit for every merchant, but the customers that have engaged with us have great things to say. There are challenges though! And these challenges led us to Storetasker.

Because we limited what merchants can submit under our small task offers and service plans to 1 hour of design or development help, we had to refuse important job requests from our customers to maintain our service levels, and keep the flow of small jobs going for every customer.

So, with a good idea of what makes a great Shopify expert, we gathered the best we could find, and built a platform to build a bridge for our merchants to work with them. We call it Storetasker.

With that context in mind, we are on a mission to introduce more Shopify merchants to this group of vetted experts to handle mid-sized jobs without huge up-front commitments, in a safe and secure workroom.

Here are 7 things you can accomplish this week with a Storetasker Expert:

  1. Store roadmapping:
  2. engage with an expert to help you plan out your store launch carefully. This can be a 1–3 hours of consultation work that will set the tone and expectations for your store setup and launch.
  3. Shopify Theme updates: Themes updates can be a little tricky, you can spend days updating your theme to benefit from ongoing improvements, or you can hand it over to an expert and focus on growth tasks.
  4. Product file uploads: Do you need to upload a product .CSV to your store? Or import your product listing over from Etsy or Amazon? You can do it yourself or you can dial into the experience of a Storetasker expert to get it done fast, and right, the first time.
  5. Store launch task list: Do you know exactly what you need to get done to get your store launched? Maybe those things are sitting on a list somewhere. Put it into the Storetasker job request form and let an expert assess it, and get it done for you before the weekend.
  6. Strategic consultations: Are you new to Shopify? It’s a massive ecosystem that can take a few months to wrap your head around. From making the right app decisions for your store to choosing and executing on a marketing strategy, a Storetasker expert can be your guide to fast-track your path to eCommerce profits.
  7. Currency settings and issues: Ok so you’re on Shopify and selling to the world. This means you have to be conscious of currencies settings and visuals your visitors are exposed to. Whether it’s with a popular currency app or through some customizations, a Storetasker expert can help you get this done within the limitations of the Shopify platform (there are a few).
  8. Tax settings: Oh my favorite. Storetasker experts are literally spread across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong and South Africa. They know their markets and the tax implications for online sellers in their markets. Let them help you with your sales tax specifications.

There you go. 7 key tasks you can and should hire out for. Don’t mess around with complicated bidding platforms, get matched to an expert on Storetasker, save time, kill that to-do item, and stay focused on growth.

Install the Storetasker app today, get a reply from an expert within the hour.