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Store Review: Nomad

The mobile workforce is growing…

Recent advances in technology and an increase in the number of online businesses have contributed to a workforce that is much more mobile today than even a decade ago. Apps like Slack, Trello, and Asana have provided a way for company executives to manage teams scattered across the globe, all from their phone. Every year, more and more people are working jobs that offer them the freedom to work from anywhere they want, as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection.

Nomad sells products for people living a nomadic lifestyle

Many people use this location independent way of working to live a nomadic lifestyle; jumping from place to place, adventuring, and seeing the world. Companies have adapted to the adventurous spirit of nomads and other frequent travelers by selling products that can help make everyone’s experiences on the road even better. One of these companies is a Shopify store called Nomad (Nomad Goods, Inc.). You can find them here.

Many Shopify entrepreneurs are location independent…Nomad’s products could be just what these other Shopify store owners need

Since Shopify entrepreneurs have been known to take advantage of the ability to run their stores from practically anywhere, I thought Nomad Goods would be the perfect store to highlight for the debut article in our Spotlight On A Store series. At their store, they sell phone cases, phone cables, carbon carabiners, USB keychains, Leather, Sport, and Metal straps for Apple Watches, a full range of chargers, leather goods, wallets, and Moment Lenses. These products are designed to keep you mobile, protect and power your valuable electronics when you are on the go, and to help you capture your adventures with truly stunning photographs.

The question is, what could Nomad Goods, Inc. do to make their store website even better? What are they already doing really well? Here are my initial reactions as a first-time visitor:

What Nomad does well

  • The ratio of writing to pictures is just right and emphasizes the products they are trying to sell. E-commerce websites that are too wordy do not keep people engaged for long enough to make a purchase. If in doubt, always remember the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The pictures themselves are amazing and capture the adventure concept Nomad Goods is selling very well, which is especially important because they sell camera lenses.
  • Their store gives an initial impression of high-quality due to its aesthetically pleasing photographs and backgrounds that highlight the photographs rather than detract from them.
  • Links to important information are neatly and simply organized at the bottom of each page, allowing for easy website navigation.

What Nomad could do to improve their store

  • Add adventure focused photos that contain bright, vibrant colors. The photos they feature are all of cold, dark places (even though the photos look great). If they added more photos of people on beach or desert sand adventures, it would lighten the mood of the site and also show the dichotomy between cold mountainous adventure locations and hot, tropical, or dry, desert locations. More colors would be represented as well, showing the ability of the lenses they are selling to capture very different colors and settings. Their featured photos seem to all have a dark blue tint that makes them feel cold and distant.
  • Change the font for the paragraph descriptions at the top of each of the product sections. The font used doesn’t invoke the high-class, high-quality sense like the rest of the store.

Did you check out Nomad’s store while you were reading this article? What did you think of it? Do you have ideas on how a Storetasker Shopify Expert could help you improve your own Shopify store? Request a free estimate for your custom Shopify project on our website!