Save on the top 13 apps you need for a successful Shopify store

This week, we’re excited to be a part of the Top 13 Shopify Apps Bundle.

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What’s in the Bundle?

Omnisend — Get 30% off for 3 Months
Referral Candy — Get $50 off After Free Trial
Privy — Get 33% off for 3 Months
Bold — Get a 90-day Extended Trial for Product Upsell
Beeketing — Get 25% off All Plans
Loox — Get 25% off Advance Plan and Up
Giftwizard — Get 25% off All Plans
Shoelace — Get 30% off for 3 Months
Prisync — Get 50% off The First Month for All Plans
Trackr — Get 50% off an Annual Subscription
Sixads — Get a Bonus Free Ads and Traffic to Your Store
Firepush — Get 90% off for 3 Years
Storetasker — Get 1 Free Hour of Expert Help

These are some really awesome apps and we’re thrilled to be a part of this promotion — and to be able to help you save cash.


Keep in mind, that this promotion will end at the end of the month so be sure and take advantage right away!