If you’re not using these 5 FREE Shopify Scripts, you’re missing out

This is a guest post by our very own, Max Kostinevich. Max is a Shopify expert at Storetasker, he has a deep knowledge in almost every aspect of the Shopify platform — from theme customization to custom apps development.

As a Shopify Expert at Storetasker, I often help merchants with custom Shopify Scripts. And in this article I’d like to share 5 useful Shopify Scripts which you can use in your store.

Shopify Scripts is a powerful tool, allowing merchants to run special campaigns and promotions without utilizing a custom application.

Max Kostinevich — Storetasker Expert

There are three types of Shopify Scripts:

1. Line item scripts 
This type of scripts can be used to manipulate the cart content (e.g. change the item price, quantity, apply discount, etc.);

2. Shipping scripts 
This type of scripts can be used to manipulate shipping methods and shipping rates;

3. Payment Scripts
This type of scripts can be used to hide, rename or reorder payment gateways;

What about limitations?

Please, note: while Shopify Scripts is a great tool, there are some limitations applied. I want to highlight a few of them:

Limitation #1 — Only one script could be active at the time.
So if you’d like to run multiple campaigns/promotions at the time, you should combine the several scripts together.

Limitation #2 — Can’t add products to the shopping cart.
Unfortunately, Shopify Scripts do not allow us to add some products to the shopping cart automatically. However, it could be done by adding custom javascript code to your theme.

Let’s get started

1. Spend $A, get B% off, spend $C get D% off, spend $E get F% off

2. Buy two of X item for $Y / Get 2 tees for $40 (FALL) Shopify Plus Script Editor

3. Bulk Discount based on Product Type and Quantity

4. Discounts by Product Type and Customer Tag

5. Buy anything from collection A and get anything from collection B with X% discount if XYZ discount code is applied

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