Do You Know The Latest Shopify News?

Shopify Pressroom

Have you been staying up to date on the latest Shopify news? Sometimes it can be difficult to stay on top of everything with all of the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to keep a Shopify store running. Thankfully, the Shopify team keeps merchants and partners informed of the most important Shopify news through articles and press releases posted in the Shopify Pressroom. In the Shopify Pressroom, you can read the news all in one place by clicking on All News, or you can divide the news by topics like Company News, Product News, Press Releases, and Company Info to make it easier to find the information you need.

What Does Shopify News Have To Do With My Store?

If you haven’t checked the Shopify Pressroom in a while, it might also be because you aren’t sure if it’s relevant to your business. I mean, why would whatever is happening with the company as a whole impact your small business? Well, here are a few examples of how staying informed of the latest news about the Shopify platform can give you an advantage and help you plan ahead.

1. Shopify is Growing its Workforce

Company News

By 2022, Shopify plans to double its Toronto workforce and recently opened a new office in the city. They are particularly looking to expand their Research and Development team. This includes designers, developers, researchers, data analysts, and product managers.

What could this mean for Shopify merchants?

Based on Shopify’s hiring plans, it is likely that Shopify merchants can expect new features on the Shopify platform to be released over the next 5 years or so. Maybe they will even develop new products. By anticipating this and paying close attention to what is revealed about any new products or services, merchants can adapt quickly and gain an advantage over competitors by being the first in their niche to use whatever next-generation product, tool, or service becomes available.

2. Recent Shopify News…New Google Play Features Available

Product News

So speaking of how merchants who read the Shopify Pressroom will know about new products or services first, If you read the articles lately you would have learned a few weeks early that Shopify would debut a new Google Pay feature to simplify the checkout process.

Also New Features For Marketing In Shopify

At the end of April Shopify announced new marketing features on the platform to make it even easier for merchants to run their stores and market their stores all in one place.

3. Shopping on Instagram Goes Global with Shopify

Press Releases

In the Shopify Pressroom, you can also read the most important stories that the international press is writing about Shopify, all in one place. For example, if you had been reading the articles in the Shopify Pressroom at the time, you would have been able to learn about one of the most important moments in Shopify’s history; when shopping on Instagram went global. This expansion enabled the potential for Shopify merchants to sell to Instagram users all over the world. Instagram’s focus on photos made it the perfect place for merchants to advertise their products, and this partnership marked an advancement in the ability of Shopify merchants to successfully grow their businesses and greatly expanded the possible market for products sold on Shopify.


By reading Shopify news in the Shopify Pressroom, you can get access to valuable information about the company, its products, and what the press is saying about it. This can provide you with an advantage over other entrepreneurs who haven’t prioritized and understood the importance of knowing as much information as possible about the platform they run their business on, as soon as the information is released. Remember, more information is always better than less. It can help influence the decisions you make that ultimately determine the future of your store.