The 7 Best Places To Look For Shopify Help

Where Can I Find Shopify Help?

New and experienced Shopify store owners alike, we all end up looking for Shopify help at times. There are so many different options with the platform, especially if you include all of the apps in the Shopify ecosystem. If you are new to Shopify, maybe you are looking for advice from veteran store owners who have been working in e-commerce for years. Did you just set up a Shopify store? Perhaps you are looking for advice on how you could improve your store and attract more traffic or convert more leads.

For long-time store merchants, maybe the Shopify help you need is more related to comparing opinions about a new app that was just released in the ecosystem with other merchants. Are you a Shopify partner or developer looking for a place to discuss the most recent Shopify Unite conference or compare notes and other takeaways. Maybe you recently had a decrease in sales and you are wondering why this might have happened. Was there a change in customer trends?

The frustrating thing is, identifying the problem or question is only the first step. The next is to identify the best place to look for Shopify help. Unfortunately, there are a lot of places that sound like they would provide Shopify help, but where you are likely to encounter more spam and scams than assistance. So, to help you get the Shopify help you need, here are the best (and my favorite) places to look for that assistance!

1. Shopify Help Center Website and Youtube Channel

Ok, I’ll admit, the Shopify Help Center website might be a very obvious place to start, but what better place to begin looking for answers than the help center of the platform itself! Here you can get a thorough introduction to the platform, learn how to migrate to Shopify from another platform, join Shopify’s own community of merchants, learn how to set up and run your store properly and more.

What you might not know already is that the Shopify Help Center also runs a Youtube channel where you can find Shopify help in the form of interesting short videos, with new videos posted twice a week. Learning is often done best when you can watch an expert do something correctly on your screen and then copy what they did! Learn helpful Shopify tips on SEO, how to choose a payment provider, how to create draft orders, how to create a Facebook ads account, and other skills you need to successfully navigate the Shopify platform and succeed as a Shopify merchant.

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2. Shopify Pressroom

Part of being at the top of your game is not only knowing how to set up Shopify but also what is happening with the platform itself. What is the latest news about Shopify? Are there likely to be new product offerings in the future? Do you know the answer to these questions? If not it might be a good idea to start reading stories from the Shopify Pressroom. It can certainly give you a competitive advantage to know the most up-to-date and important news about Shopify and its products before everyone else. Read more about this here.

3. Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group

Are you looking for a community of fellow Shopify merchants and partners that is run independently from the Shopify team and platform? Sometimes it can be useful to exchange ideas in a space that isn’t operated by the team behind the main subject of conversations. The Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group offers membership to merchants and partners from every stage of the e-commerce journey. It’s a great place for beginners to find answers to their questions and get Shopify help from people who have been running stores or working on apps or products for the platform for a long time. There are even members who provide a service to Shopify merchants (more on that later.)

The admins and moderators do a great job of blocking spam, so you only get information that you need to boost traffic and sales to your store! The best part is, the group already has 100,000 members, so there are plenty of people capable of answering your questions and offering you the Shopify help you need. Ready to join? Just make sure you answer the questions (it will only take you a few minutes) and read the group guidelines before posting.

4. Shopify Community (A Closer Look)

This community was listed briefly as part of the Shopify Help Center website, but it deserves a closer look. This group is so big that it has been divided into different topics. With more than 582,000 members, you are bound to find someone who will answer your question. Categories include Shopify Design, Shopify Apps, Technical Q and A, and more. One of my favorite categories is the Feedback On My Store section, which has been particularly helpful for new Shopify merchants or people who have specific questions related to their store that will require others to view it first. If you are active in the Shopify Community and the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook Group, none of your questions will go unanswered.

5. The Warrior Forum

Ever Shopify merchant knows that the key to getting more traffic to your store is an excellent digital marketing strategy. That is precisely why, although it isn’t directly related to Shopify, The Warrior Forum made it on the list. Many people consider this to be the best online community to go to for digital marketing answers. The forum uses a voting system similar to Reddit’s where community members can vote on their favorite posts so that the most informative content and discussion topics make it to the top of the page. So, if you are looking for digital marketing advice from the pros, join the conversations at The Warrior Forum.

6. Small Business Forum

This is a great place for any small business owners. Sometimes for inspiration, it’s important to get ideas from other small business owners who work on other online or off-line projects that are not necessarily related to Shopify, in addition to your interactions with other people in the Shopify ecosystem. You may be able to get ideas from others that you could translate to the e-commerce world as well and find a way to set your store apart from others.

We all know that running a small business is a great adventure, but it can be stressful at times so it’s nice to have a place to go and discuss the highs and lows of work with people that are in the same situation. If you are looking for an amazing community of small business owners and aspiring small business owners who engage in informative discussions, Small Business Forum is your place. Maybe by looking for answers in a forum focused on a broader topic, you will unexpectedly discover the Shopify help you have been seeking elsewhere. You will never know if you don’t try it.

7. Shopify Photography Experts List

Many Shopify merchants struggle with getting their products to look the way they want them to on their website. There’s a simple explanation for this; we aren’t all professional photographers. If you would like to turn your product photography over to a professional, there’s no better place to look than Shopify’s list of top photography experts. Search for an expert photographer in your city, sit back, and wait for your products to be captured in a way that will be sure to drive customers to buy them!

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You Don’t Have To Do It All. Save Time By Hiring Shopify Help

If you join Shopify focused facebook groups, forums, and Shopify’s own community and pressroom, but after asking questions, getting answers, and having professional photos taken of your products, you realize that you still need additional assistance with marketing, design, or development, you could always just hire a vetted Shopify expert at Storetasker to help you get everything done. Imagine spending your free time this summer at the beach or hiking mountains rather than stuck trying to make changes to your store. Doesn’t that sound like a better alternative?