Meet the Experts: Matt Dunbar

This is the next in our series of expert interviews, Meet the Experts where we highlight the talent that makes Storetasker run smoothly. This week we had a chat with Matt Dunbar.

1. Where are you originally from and where do you live now?

I’m from just outside Toronto, Canada, but I spend most of my time in Thailand now. I also try to travel a few months each year- I’m in Bosnia today and will be in Croatia tomorrow.

2. How did you decide to become a Shopify Expert and how long have you been a Storetasker Expert?

I’ve been primarily focused on e-commerce work for the past 6 years, and have seen Shopify quickly becoming more and more capable of filling the needs of most businesses to the point it doesn’t make sense suggesting complicated self-hosted solutions to most clients any longer. I’ve been active on Storetasker for nearly a year now.

3. What are your areas of expertise?

I work on just about everything except design. I mostly help clients with theme tweaks and custom apps. I often find myself working with clients to understand their business needs and presenting solutions to make Shopify work for them where they didn’t think it was possible.

4. Why are you working with Storetasker?

Becoming a Storetasker Expert was primarily a lifestyle decision for me, as it has enabled me to schedule my time so that I end up working on more projects and ultimately creating more solutions.

5. How has working with Storetasker impacted your work and your life?

I’ve always worked remotely and had flexibility to travel, but now I can also more easily lighten my schedule when it makes sense. I also get to book out my schedule only a few days in advance, so I have a lot of flexibility to take on projects that interest me even if they have really tight timelines.

6. Why should Shopify merchants choose to work with you? What are your particular strengths in the Shopify space?

I can help with any custom development needs, but the biggest advantage I can offer is to find solutions to business problems where Shopify doesn’t seem like a fit. I know the capabilities of Shopify’s APIs extremely well and can write backend code that interacts with them. My extensive knowledge of both frontend and backend truly sets me apart.

I also have experience implementing countless creative solutions to get around perceived limitations. I generally focus on development 95% of the time, however, I have provided suggestions to clients regarding digital marketing before as well.

7. What else would you like merchants to know about you and the way that you work?

I approach development as a business problem. Sometimes merchants don’t understand all of the options, and often there is a really simple solution to something that has just been overlooked. I am an expert at finding these solutions and implementing them.

Want to work with Matt? Mention his name when you post your next project!