Meet The Experts: Mark Tristan Patena

This is the next in our series of expert interviews, Meet the Experts, where we highlight the talent that makes Storetasker run smoothly. This week we had a chat with Mark Tristan Patena.

1.Tell us about your journey as a Shopify expert up until now. How did you get started?

I started my focus on technology in 2010 when I began to venture into the world of web design and development. Since the start I have found it very interesting and challenging to work in this field. After my initial start, I moved on to working with WordPress, and developed several personal, corporate and e-commerce sites.  I started to explore more about PHP programming and learned several javascript libraries like jQuery along the way. I also worked with several life coaches and gurus in various fields, utilizing clickfunnels and clickbank. 

I’ve known Jon for almost a decade now. I consider him to be one of my mentors, and he introduced me to Shopify. After careful studying and experimentation with the platform, I found it very comprehensive. The features are out-of-the-box, and the implementation of any custom work is a breeze.

2. What do you specialize in on the Shopify platform?

I’m a front-end developer and I have a very keen eye for design. I specialize in store setup, theme customizations, custom features and app integrations. I also do marketing automations and email campaigns for customer retention.

3. What are your favorite types of Shopify projects? How do you choose the projects you accept on Storetasker? Any helpful hints for merchants who want to have a project picked up by one of our experts on how to write a good project brief?

I like to take on a wide array of projects, from simple to challenging ones. Ideally, it’s really good when merchants write-up a good brief covering everything that is needed and the timeframe matches well with the overall scope of the project. Helping merchants achieve their goals and online presence makes me so happy.

4.Please share a few stories of customers you were able to help through offering services on Storetasker. What was the project? How were you able to improve the store you worked on?

TARMAC ATTACKERS is an aftermarket automotive parts supplier with a focus on time attack racing. They specialize in providing performance parts for the Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Honda platforms and stock only the most sought after suspension, engine, brake, and wheel brands to optimize your vehicle. 

I helped Tyler on around 8 – 10 jobs through Storetasker. The work ranged from doing custom front-end design elements to a very incredible technical back-end development. Since his business is in the automotive industry and offers support for different makes and models, it’s very important that his site has a very intuitive navigation, an easy to use sorting and filtering functionality and that all the relevant technical information is displayed in a digestible manner on each of the product pages. I incorporated a back-end logic that makes it all easier, and grasps ways to work within the limitations of Shopify in order to meet his custom needs.

Big Dream Boatman Expeditions are the top rated travel experience in Palawan, Philippines. They take guests on remote island expeditions between Coron and El Nido. They are an eco-conscious and community-focused organization and they love what they do, exploring the final frontier of Asia and having fun along the way. 

Oliver was referred to me by a friend, and he was looking to get his landing pages re-designed with the Shogun app. Initially, they also had a booking system that made them do things manually by assigning slots and keeping an eye on the availability of the tours. Overall, not only did I help them design the landing pages, but I also made the overall site appealing, and automated their booking system in such a way that the slots are automatically filled-in. I also added corresponding graphical representation of which tours are available and are likely to be sold out soon.

Sled Dogs Snowskates is an innovative winter-sports company that combines the motion and technique of hockey and skating on ice to the alpine slopes through our innovative alpine skates hardware. Their skates allow someone who can skate on ice to skate / ski down the mountain on the snow. The next evolution in winter sports, Alpine Skating. 

Kevin reached out to me with a site already built. I helped him fix some things that were messed up, and formatted the product template in a very informative layout. Along the way, he sent several other jobs that included creating a beautifully laid out ambassadors and coaches page, adding a page that contains an interactive store locator with a map, and improving the overall mobile experience of the site. His business is a seasonal one so timeliness and accuracy are absolutely essential as their sales season is super short.

Flower Shop Florist is a leading florist based in Wellington, New Zealand dedicated to providing the most beautiful fresh flowers to their customers.

Kamini reached out to me with a very tight deadline, and she needed the project done as soon as possible. She required some theme customizations and checkout features. We exchanged ideas, and the finished product looked very nice. Since then, she has often come back to me with one off jobs and loves using Storetasker.

5. Why should a Shopify merchant choose to work with you?

profile photo of Mark

  • I have over 9 years of experience in web design and development
  • I have a keen eye for design and aesthetics
  • I can provide you with the best solution to achieve your online presence and e-commerce goals
  • I offer custom-made solutions for your Shopify project
  • I offer a cost-efficient service with a realistic timeframe
  • I am responsive most of the time – chat and Skype

6. What motivates you? What is your favorite thing about your work as a Storetasker expert?

I am motivated by seeing how satisfied and happy my clients are. It’s always a pleasure for me to become a part of their e-commerce success.

7. Where do you live?

I live in the heart of the Philippines, in the “City of Love” – Iloilo City. I love the diversity of our culture with its mix of Spanish, American, and Asian influences.

Want to work with Mark? Submit a custom project and mention his name!