Meet the Experts: Darleen Witmer

This is the second in our series of expert interviews, Meet the Experts where we highlight the talent that makes Storetasker run smoothly. This week we had a chat with Darleen Witmer. Check back each week for new expert highlights.

Hey Darleen, where are you from?

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia due my father being in the Navy, and grew up in Kitchener, Ontario where I’ve lived most of my life.

How did you become a Shopify Expert?

I started my career as a Medical Lab Tech and worked in many hospitals and medical labs. That naturally evolved to analytics of the tech world and creating and fixing websites and finally to coding.

In 1995, I set up providing technical and customer support to local dial-up ISPs. I began managing teams of CSRs and Technical Support Agents. Eventually I worked as Director of Support for Rural Internet Services getting high-speed broadband Internet Service in rural Ontario.

I quickly became addicted and obsessed to everything Shopify after helping a client move her Prestashop store to Shopify. When I learned about the Partner program, I joined immediately and have never looked back.

What are your areas of expertise?

Within Storetasker and many other Shopify focused groups I am known as the Queen of Apps đź™‚

I am good at finding solutions and developing a plan of action for store owners starting out, as well as troubleshooting issues when problems arise. I have solved problems or at least found the reasons quickly that others are unsuccessful.

I do focus on smaller tasks as I am not a high level developer/coder usually:

  • Shipping Rates challenges and best setup or apps to use
  • App configuration and determining best app or code to use for a requirement
  • Pop Up size-chart like solutions for several different types of uses
  • Print from site — recipes, specifications — minus site information
  • Designing workflow and funnels for campaigns — i.e. Giveaways, Black Friday
  • Wholesale setups
  • Theme updates and upgrades
  • FB Business Manager setups and FB Pixel troubleshooting
  • FB product catalog feed setup and getting started with Dynamic Ads

What are your favourite kinds of jobs?

I enjoy working with most people and especially if it is a problem to be solved. I do like finding a solution to a challenging requirement or issue. I usually get picked for determining the problem and also which app to use as well as store theme updates to new versions.

Why should a merchant choose to work with you?

Those that do say they like how my mind works with seeing the big picture and walking them through the process and keeping things simple. I also collaborate with other Storetasker Experts and inform merchants when I require so they know that a) there will be someone else involved and b) that at Storetasker we have the luxury of having a large wealth of knowledge and expertise. They are not just getting one person but a team.

What motivates you?

I am motivated by the fact that someone has a problem that needs to be fixed and also the challenge of a problem. And meeting people from across the world. My one idea is to travel to meet all my clients worldwide — Australia, New Zealand, across USA, Philippines, South Africa, UK, Denmark, and of course Canada. At the end of the day, people motivate me.

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