Meet the Experts: Carlos Zappien

This is the first in our series of expert interviews, Meet the Experts where we highlight the talent that makes Storetasker run smoothly. This week we had a chat with Carlos Zappien. Check back each week for new expert highlights.

Hey Carlos, where are you from?

I was born in Mexico, raised in Texas, and have been living in Montreal for 12 years. I own a development company and we’re based out of Montreal, but have team members in Toronto and an engineering center in Mexico City with 3 developers there.

How did you get started being a Shopify expert?

Got involved since the beginning when clients of our consulting services started asking for support.

Nice! What are your specialties?

We specialize in hard-core development, especially liquid customizations and API customizations. We’ve developed a set of tools which use AI and machine learning to facilitate the integration between Shopify’s API and any API available out there. We also do front end development when it’s interesting.

What are your favorite kinds of jobs?

We like big projects which require integrations with other platforms, migrations, lots of customization. We have a team of 4 dedicated specifically to Shopify and we have other team members who help us with other platforms. Merchants should come to us specifically for customizations, Integrations, Liquid and Theme modifications, and Front-End coding.

Very cool! I like to ask experts why should a merchant choose to work with you — what do you say to that?

We focus on attention to detail and constant communication with our customers. Once we start a project we push until the project is done to the customer’s satisfaction. Also our deep know-how of Liquid and the API is a big asset for clients with more complex projects.

What motivates you?

A happy customer with a successful project which solves their problems and helps them sell online. With a happy customer we can learn more, establish broader relationships and continue to grow our teams in Montreal and Mexico City.

To work with Carlos Zappien and his team, mention his name when you post your project.