There’s $$$ Waiting For Every Shopify Store Owner That Ships With Canada Post!

This is a guest post written by the team at

The customer is key.

Every good business owner knows and understands this; the key to your company’s success is a satisfied customer.

However, there is no question that sometimes mistakes are made. Mistakes are made by the business and mistakes are made by the customer but ultimately you want to make sure that the customer walks away from the situation with their grievance resolved.

I’m sure that you have your own policies concerning how to deal with an unhappy customer.

For example, as the owner of an eCommerce store what do you do when a customer does not receive their parcel on the exact day that it was promised?

The customer ordered something and you ship it through the Canada Post using one of their many programs that guarantee the parcel to arrive on a certain date, but still, it arrives late.

You may be saying to yourself that customers don’t really complain about a parcel being a day or so late, but shouldn’t you be complaining?

Don’t forget that you are a customer too. You are a customer of Canada Post and they did not provide you with the service that you paid for.

This means that you, my friend, are entitled to a refund!

Really? How?

If you ship any parcels using a Canada Post service that guarantees that the parcel will arrive on a certain date and your parcel arrives late, you are entitled to a full refund!

This means that any parcels sent by Xpresspost, Priority or Expedited shipping within Canada or Internationally are subject to be claimed.

This is a huge opportunity to cash in because Canada Post delivers up to 20% of all of their parcels late. Some businesses report that over 20% of the parcels they send are delivered late.

We became experts so you don’t have to!

We own our own Shopify store called Homeo Animal where we experienced this issue first-hand. We would send our parcels on time but they arrived at their destinations late at a rate that was far higher than we expected.

We were told by a friend that we could file a claim for a refund so we jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately, the process was long and tedious and it took us away from our actual business for far too long.

So, we decided to find a way to make the process faster and easier. It was from this desire that BusterFetcher was born!

We built a software that could track parcels and automatically detect a late delivery. At which point our team would file the necessary claim within the 30-day deadline.

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BusterFetcher’s software connects straight to your Shopify store and our team works tirelessly to fill out the right claims for the right situation as well as finding any loopholes that can get you more money!

Our software is 100% secure as we only gain access to your order numbers, tracking numbers, destination countries, cities, and postal codes. Your customer information and sales information remains private.

Most of our customers had no idea that they could be refunded for late deliveries.

Annie, owner of online store Stick 2 Me, said, “I’ve been in e-commerce for years and I never even thought that I could recover a share of my shipping costs, let alone have everything done automatically for me!”

On top of all of the money that you could be collecting, our service does not even charge any upfront costs. Once your claim is approved by Canada Post we take a small percentage of your refund as commission.

Want to get started? It’s easy…

In just five simple steps you’ll be ready to go!

  1. Visit our website
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Connect BusterFetcher to your Shopify store and approve the connection
  4. Create your account
  5. Wait for your money!

Every day that you wait to get started is a day that you are losing money. With these Canada Post shipping refunds, you can be a happy customer too!