Could Joining Communities on Reddit be a Secret to Success as an Entrepreneur?

Facts about Reddit

If you are looking for ways to learn from like minded people or for a place to connect with others who have similar interests and goals, it might be time for you to check out Reddit. Currently, Reddit is the 22nd most popular website in the world and the 6th most popular website in the United States (although I wouldn’t be surprised if it moves up in the rankings.) In fact, in May 2018 Reddit briefly surpassed Facebook as the third most popular site in the U.S. after Google and Youtube. Reddit is first and foremost a site for user-generated news links. It is best described as a message board where users submit links. How the true magic of Reddit is that the content is curated by the community. Members of the Reddit community upvote or downvote content depending on how interesting or relevant the content is, meaning that only top-quality content reaches the front page, hence why Reddit is often called “the front page of the internet.”

Anyone can participate, even if they don’t post anything

The system ensures that anyone in the community can have a say in what is likely to be read by other community members through promoting their favorite posts, even if they did not write the content themselves. Everyone can be an active participant anytime they are on the site. Reddit is structured in a way that allows any Reddit community member to join smaller communities called subreddits that are focused on particular topics. If you are looking for advice or expertise from other Reddit users or you are looking for answers to questions related to a specific topic, you can simply search for the topic in the search bar and join relevant communities by clicking the “join” button next to the name of the community. It’s as simple as that.

So many subreddits. How do I choose which to join?

If you have visited Reddit recently, or at any time really, you are probably aware of how many subreddits there are, and the number keeps growing. Although this is mostly positive, it can be overwhelming if you don’t know which subreddits to join, which provide the best discussions between community members, and which are likely to have answers to your most pressing questions about how to run your business. Maybe you are looking for the best subreddits to keep you updated on the news in e-commerce or your particular niche market?  To help you out, here is a list of some great subreddit communities to help you achieve your Shopify store goals!


38k members

An image of a laptop with the browser opened to an online store with a cat standing up behind the laptop

This is a good community to start with because posts are about anything related to ecommerce and you can get a feel for how Reddit communities work and what you can learn from them. You can read about other store owners and their experiences with growing their stores, their email subscriber lists, and what products they have been able to sell successfully.


175k members

Are you looking for a way to contact marketing professionals from around the world and ask them questions about their experiences on the teams in charge of growing some of the worlds most recognizable brands? All kinds of marketing related subjects are covered in this community; traditional, digital, email, content, SEO, social media, design, analytics, web design and even public relations.


95.7k members

SEO is definitely covered in the marketing subreddit also, but I think we would all agree that SEO knowledge can greatly increase the success of any business, but there is also so much to learn if you want to optimize your website to rank well on search engines correctly. For this reason, joining a community that is focused entirely on SEO is a good idea for any business owner, and especially for Shopify store owners.


528k members

This group is particularly useful for networking with other entrepreneurs. You might even have the opportunity to collaborate with community members that have similar interests! Read stories from entrepreneurs about what it was like starting their businesses, what kinds of ventures were successful, which ones weren’t, and what to watch out for when pursuing your own goals.


471k members

No need to read the business section anymore. The most important news in business can be found on Reddit. In addition to reading business news, you can communicate with other people in business from all around the world if you wish. Comment and start conversations about interesting stories in the business world, and learn something new as well.


22.4k members

The Shopify community on Reddit is going strong. Learn how to grow an online business from other people who started just like you. Already experienced at scaling online stores? Get any important Shopify updates that you need to know about here on Reddit. Connect with other store owners and learn from the best!


4k members

Are you tired of asking your friends to pretend to be a customer and give advice on whether they would buy from it or not? Now you can get other store owners and Shopify enthusiasts to review your store on Reddit! Get honest critiques of your store so you can make improvements and get more traffic and sales!

You can join a Shopify community on Facebook also

Hopefully you have added check out suggested subreddits to your to do list for this week! I highly recommend joining subreddits that are related to your business if you haven’t already.

I know what you are thinking…wouldn’t it be nice if there was a Shopify community that had a few thousand more members than the Shopify community on Reddit? Well, actually, there already is one. Storetasker’s Facebook group, Shopify Entrepreneurs, is nearing six-figure membership! Join today and you might be lucky number 100,000!

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