Complete These 27 Shopify Tasks Through Unbelievable Deals On An Experts Marketplace

Find Everything You Were Looking For On An Experts Marketplace

An experts marketplace is exactly what its name suggests; a marketplace, often online, where experts in a certain discipline can post tasks or projects that relate to their skills for others to purchase. The accessibility of the internet and technology’s ability to answer many of our questions through widely used sources like Google search, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri has created a culture where the information we are seeking seems to be all around us.

However, this is somewhat of an illusion, as just because you can read about how to do something, doesn’t mean that you are necessarily the right person to do it. I mean, we all would love to believe that we are always the right person for the job, no matter what the Shopify tasks are because when you are building and optimizing your store you want to be in full control of what work is done on it. We all have strengths of course, but sometimes for the Shopify tasks that we aren’t as skilled with it’s best to turn to someone who is.

This is not just the case in ecommerce but in almost all industries.  That’s why in recent years the concept of an experts marketplace has really taken off for many types of work. With more and more people starting businesses both online and offline, the experts marketplace has never felt more necessary than it is today. In business, the concept has resulted in the increased notoriety of knowledge marketplaces. However, unlike knowledge marketplaces, where industry experts share their knowledge with leaders and executives in order to help them steer their team in the right direction, an experts marketplace often takes a more hands-on approach that involves experts on the platform offering a specific service or product improvement for a price.

An Experts Marketplace Or Not?

Probably the most widely known companies in the “people offering services or product improvements to other people” category are Upwork and Fiverr. Maybe you have seen their countless adds on T.V. or even hired a freelancer you found on the site. Fiverr got its name from the starting price that services were offered for when it first started in 2010. Want to guess what that was? Yep, the starting price for services was 5 U.S. dollars. Don’t believe me? Check this forum where people are talking about it.

So if services have such low prices, what is the problem? The problem is that when you hire on Fiverr or Upwork, you never know if the work is going to be done correctly or what the customer service will be like. That’s because these are just freelancer portals but anyone can make an account and offer services on them. The companies don’t require applications or for people who wish to offer services or advertise skills on their site to pass any sort of vetting process. So what do you think? Can we really refer to Upwork or Fiverr as an experts marketplace?

An Experts Marketplace That Doesn’t Specialize

There are many companies that fall into this classification; an experts marketplace that doesn’t specialize. Yes, they may focus on providing design or development experts, and they may have some way of making sure that the experts are actually experts at something, but the company itself is focused on providing outsourcing services for any general website running on any platform. So how would these companies position themselves as knowledgeable about a client’s business if they have clients in many totally different businesses? I can’t imagine that designing a Shopify store would be similar in any way to designing a website for a business consulting company.

So, even if experts offer Shopify tasks to clients of one of these “we specialize in everything” companies, you can’t really expect to get a customized experience hiring someone for your Shopify tasks who is assisting with the development of a gaming app for another client at the same time. You are looking for Shopify help, not gaming help.

The Experts Marketplace At Storetasker

At Storetasker, our experts marketplace is 100% focused on Shopify tasks. All of Storetasker’s experts are vetted Shopify and eCommerce experts who have the skills needed to help you make improvements to your business. But what are some of the services offered by Storetasker experts at the Storetasker marketplace? Here’s a closer look at our marketplace, some of the services that are offered there, and the talented experts whose skills have prepared them to complete those services professionally and on-time!

An image of the Storetasker experts marketplace with Shopify tasks listed

1. Full Shopify Store Setup

Are you totally new to Shopify and eCommerce? It can be fairly intimidating to set up your store correctly if you haven’t ever done it before. Don’t let that discourage you though. One of the Shopify tasks that Storetasker Expert Anna Tillotson offers is Full Shopify Store Setup. She is an experienced Shopify designer and developer who specializes in creating stunning websites. Are you interested in hiring her? You can sign up for a store setup with Anna here.

Another expert store designer and developer, Rebecca Worsley, also offers store setup on our experts marketplace. She has 7+ years of experience with designing and developing high converting Shopify stores and after completing 226 projects, she has a remarkable average of 4.99 out of 5! She offers many tasks at the Storetasker marketplace, but to hire her for this one, click here.

2. Design And Redesign Services

There are A LOT of design services to choose from, so I’ll list some quickly. You can

3. Development Services

Probably the most difficult component of running a Shopify store for many merchants, development work can help set a store apart from others and allow you to provide an experience that other stores haven’t, bringing you more return customers. There are even more development services offered at our experts marketplace than design services.

Are you frustrated with your conversion rate? Are you getting a lot of traffic but no sales? Are you struggling to make sense of Google Analytics? Do you desperately need Shopify help? Steven Hudspith, who has 30 years of retail experience, more than 5 years of ecommerce experience, and has run a store, offers a Google Analytics Report service and a Conversion Overview Report. If you are interested in learning more about Conversion Rate Optimization from Steven, you can start by reading this article he wrote.

Interested in manual Out Of The Sandbox theme updates? Full-stack Web Solutions Engineer Joey Olaopa can help you with that.

Let’s not forget that all of the possible design changes mentioned earlier won’t be admired by customers if there aren’t any. In terms of a long term strategy, organic search is difficult to beat for any business, but especially for online stores. If you don’t know very much about SEO, don’t worry, Julie Starr can put together an SEO Keyphrase Analysis and Report for you in just three days!

If you’ve ever found yourself asking “can my customers double-check their discount code is valid before checkout?” then Laura Dolgy has the answer for you. Her extension displays a page for your customers to double check their discount code/promo code on your Shopify store.

Thomas Kimura can give you access to the Order Printer Shopify App so that you can customize your templates and write a tailored thank you message to new and repeat customers.

Are you afraid you are losing customers because your Shopify store is just….too…..SLOW? For a limited time, you can get 50% off of Jean-Patrick Bisson’s Expert Speed Audit.

4. Marketing Services

There are a total of 33 Shopify tasks in the marketing services category of the Experts Marketplace. As I am sure you know, marketing with Shopify became the main topic of conversation in the Shopify world recently when Mailchimp announced that they would no longer be offering direct integration with Shopify. Shopify/Mailchimp became a trending topic on the internet, and merchants everywhere started researching other ESP options. Many have decided to switch over to other options like Klaviyo or Omnisend. But migrating all contacts from one ESP to another can be confusing and complicated, which is why a few experts have offered ESP migration as a service on our experts marketplace. There’s a Mailchimp to Klaviyo Migration service with Claudia Howard, Privy Powerful Email Marketing Setup with Julie Starr, and Omnisend Setup or Omnisend Migration with Laura Dolgy. Ready to Maximise Customer Engagement with Email Marketing? Check out Sharon Obuobi’s service.

The marketing section also includes Shopify tasks focused on copywriting. Get expert webpage copywriting completed by Kim K. Fenton, or Professional Editing of you Marketing Text with Teara McGinn. Are you tired of spending so much time marketing on Facebook and Instagram? Teara also offers Facebook and Instagram Marketing services. If you are looking for a bit more, upgrade to the premium Facebook or Instagram service.

5. Accounting Services

One of the most dreaded tasks for any small business owner is Accounting. When you run your own business, you have to do everything yourself, including all of the bookkeeping and setup…unless you outsource some tasks to an expert. Teara McGinn offers a Bookkeeping Consultation and Quickbooks setup services so you don’t have to feel as nervous about keeping track of your finances yourself.

6. Photography Services

Are you looking for someone to help you get your product photos looking spectacular so more people will want to buy what you are selling? Are you in need of Shopify help focused on photography? Our experts are working hard to bring you photography services. Be sure to check back soon for these special offers!

An image of a home photography setup since the experts marketplace will offer photography services soon

There Are More Than 100 Services Offered On Our Experts Marketplace

I hope you enjoyed the online tour of our experts marketplace. With more than 100 Shopify services available, we are sure that you will find what you are looking for at the Storetasker Marketplace. But just in case you are looking for something a bit more specific, we offer the option to submit a custom project as well. Did I mention that it comes with a free cost estimate? Between the 100+ services offered on the experts marketplace and the custom project option, we are sure we can offer you the Shopify help you need. Anyway, we hope to hear from you soon and look forward to exploring how we can help you improve your store.