Why Email Marketing is so Cost Effective

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Get a Fish to your website, you’ll market for a minute. Collect the Fish’s email, you’ll market for a lifetime!

Lets face it, if you were marketing on the Internet in the early 2000, you’ll remember it used to be free and easy. Nowadays, the Internet can be difficult and expensive! It costs a lot of money to get someone to your website. Once you do, you are sitting there in a proverbial locked room with a one-way mirror. You can see them, they cannot see you and more importantly, you cannot talk to them. You just spent a lot of money on Advertising and SEO to get them there and next, you see them walking out the door! What can you do? You can spend even more money trying to retarget them or spend more money getting another customer — That’s IT!

But what if you can get their email address…do you really care if they walk out the door. NO — because you are going to send them great offers for the rest of time and it will barely cost you pennies. So collecting email addresses should be one of your primary goals if you care to run the most cost effective web marketing campaign.

If you do email marketing, collecting “quality” email addresses is your first and most important step

The best place to collect these email addresses is from your website visitors! Lets face it; they probably didn’t get to your site by accident. They are most likely already interested in what you sell or service you provide. This is a great lead!

Prize Giveaway Software Apps that offer something in exchange for email address are most effective

So it’s important to get an effective app that resides on your website and collects email addresses from your website visitors.. This is 2017 and people guard their email addresses. Offer them something valuable; they are more likely to give you their email address. It is best to give away something valuable and something you sell. That way not only do you collect email addresses, but you promote your products!

Once you start collecting email addresses, what do you do?

It is best to use an email-marketing platform such as MailChimp in conjunction with your Email Collection APP. Most of them integrate easily with an API.

Use the automation feature to send immediate emails to people who sign up. Be sure to thank them for signing up, and then reward them with a nice discount offer. Use this same email as an opportunity to show a few more products they may be interested in. With the correct email collection app combined with an email-marketing platform, you will be collecting valuable email addresses and sending offers while you sleep

How else do you grow your email list?

If you use Prize Giveaway software to collect email addresses at your site, post your giveaway on your Facebook and other social media. If you already spend money advertising on Facebook, it is much better to spend it promoting your products through prize drawings because you collect their email address. Why spend money advertising into the Ethernet when you can spend the same money, collect their email address and market to them indefinitely!

A little something about prize giveaways and sweepstakes

Remember, people know when they are giving out their email address, they are going to receive emails into their inbox. People are more guarded than ever about giving away their email addresses. The more valuable or more interesting, the more emails you will collect. If you are an electronics nut, you are probably not going to mind receiving an email from Best Buy weekly about their great deals on electronics…so you will give up your email address — especially for a chance to win a 65” flat panel TV. But don’t think you are going to collect many emails offering a t-shirt or $30 bracelet…the prize has to be worth the effort.

EMAIL Marketing is the way to go…but like every tool on the Internet, it takes some expertise!

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