The Path of a Successful E-Commerce Business Owner According to Memes

The Truth About eCommerce Can Be Surprisingly Simple

In the world of e-commerce, it often feels like we are all experiencing the same things, and they can be explained very simply. The same problems, like when we spend a lot on ads to draw traffic to our site, but we don’t get the sales results we want. Or the struggles we go through to get our site to rank well on Google. The same excitements, when a customer becomes a repeat customer, when our new Shopify store gets its first sale, or when we find that perfect product to sell. The fact that so many of us can relate to the same experiences has made e-commerce a great subject for memes. Today is Friday, so in the spirit of wishing you all a great weekend, here is my interpretation of how to be successful in e-commerce according to some of the internet’s best memes for entrepreneurs!

Meme of two women running with their hair going everywhere that says "What I look like leaving the office on a Friday"
Lucky for most of us, we don’t really have an office in the traditional sense though

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t challenges with running your own e-commerce business…like trying to get your new website to rank on Google,

Famous Meme of Boromir from the Lord of the Rings that says " One does not simply Get to the top of Google"
Meme of the boss from Office Space that says "Yeah, if you could make us #1 on Google Over The Weekend That'd Be Great"
but hey, at least when running your Shopify store you won’t have to answer to an annoying boss like that guy…

and don’t forget about how hard you have to work for success…

Meme of Don Draper from Mad Men smiling and drinking that says "You have a 40 hour work week? I remember my first part time job"
Photo of Steve Carell making a weird face while laughing and eating a banana that says "when people ask if I have a life outside of work"

right now you are probably thinking yeah

Meme of Kanye West looking upset that says "That was so funny"

Unfortunately for many of us this next meme is too true

Meme of the scene from Zoolander where Derek Zoolander picks up the model of a building that says "When you start a new business and realize how little money you actually make in the beginning; What is this, a salary for ants?"

and a lot of the reason it’s true is because we have to spend money to make money

Meme of a character from South Park that says "Money in my wallet aaaaand it's gone"

I mean, ads can be expensive…

Meme that says "share this meme and Mark Zuckerberg will" with a picture of Mark Zuckerberg smiling
Yeah he’s probably also smiling because of all those Facebook Ads you just paid for…

but if you don’t forget about optimizing your site speed so your customers aren’t all saying…

Meme of a guy looking confused that says "I'm trying to give you money and your site takes 20 seconds to load"

and you are able to do this…

Meme of the boss from Office Space that says "If you could just double my organic traffic that would be great"

You might just be thanking your customers and throwing parties like this guy soon…

Meme of Leonardo Dicaprio as Jay Gatsby holding up a champagne glass with fireworks in the background that says "Thank you to my best clients ever!"