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Why Leaving a Customer Without an Answer is Unacceptable

A guest article by Tidio team.They developed an app that gives you a chance to reply to people even when you’re on the go. You just make yourself available 24/7 and see the sales go up.

As a side effect, you gather some important data about your customers — you get the idea of what they might be looking for even before they start a conversation. If you want to solve your customers’ problems easier and faster, this app is a good start.

We are all clients. We buy numerous things every day. In the age of technology, with Internet spreading across the world supersonically we mostly shop online. That’s a proven fact. The second fact is that we like to know. That’s human nature. So, what’s the worst scenario for any online store?

It’s simple — visitors leaving without an answer. Research shows that the average time customers wait for the answer is 10 hours. And this is not acceptable! In a digital world, responsiveness is key. Nearly 60% of customers abandon their purchase if their question is not answered quickly. This is why more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use live chat to communicate with their clients. Live chat solution has more advantages one could imagine.

Why live chat?

• First and foremost, live chat solution will definitely make your business grow. It can easily help you increase your sales and optimize cost at the same time. Live chat is so much cheaper than responding to email or answering incoming calls. Recent research shows that it can be even 50% cheaper than handling phone conversations. Plus, as your operators can handle multiple chats simultaneously, there’s no need to hire more people which, in consequence, increases efficiency. One operator can engage in as many as 6 chats at the same time.

• It makes customer experience just excellent. Your customers know they can get any info at any time they need. The cool thing is that they get an answer instantly which is much more convenient than e.g. waiting for an email reply. Most of the online shoppers agree that live chat is a method of communication they prefer. An immediate access to help is one of the most important features an online store can offer. Customers who use a live chat platform on your website are 3 times more likely to buy. Why? This method provides more personal and direct interaction

• Do not forget about SEO. The time your customers spend on your website can really improve your website’s Google ranking. And what can keep people longer in your online store than being involved in a conversation with one of your operators? At the same time they have a chance to read more content on your website. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. The next thing is that people revisit your websites which increases traffic on your website.

• And the last thing — although live chat services are more and more popular there are still online businesses that do not use it. This gives you an edge of your competition.

Can live chat be more than just a live chat?

One of the best solutions one could choose is a combination of live chat platform and a complete marketing automation. Wouldn’t it be great if you could reply to your customers from one place, no matter if they reach out to you via email, Facebook Messenger or a chat on your website? It’s like keeping your digital communication in one place.

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