How Shopify stores can use web push notifications to improve customer engagement and boost sales

This guest post was written by Vanhishikha Bhargava who is a Content Marketer at PushOwl, an e-commerce push notification provider.

With over  794,131 live websites using Shopify, it is safe to say that no matter what industry you are in, there is a lot of competition. A typical online shopper has at least ten stores to choose from every time they want to make a purchase. And just because one has bought from you before, doesn’t mean they are going to come back for more.

Why is customer engagement important to boost sales?

You spend hundreds of dollars to acquire a shopper. Now this shopper might turn into a customer or a subscriber on their first visit. But either way, you’re going to end up spending a few more dollars on retargeting and remarketing.

If the shopper did turn into a customer – albeit, a happy one, they’ll engage with your store’s promotions on their own. Sometimes even before your retargeting ads reach them. But if the shopper hasn’t made a purchase yet and is still exploring your brand, you’re likely to spend more on converting them.

Long story short, your Shopify store can boost sales by improving customer engagement.

There are a few tactics that most Shopify stores use to engage their customers – social media advertising, remarketing, retargeting and email marketing.

So in this article, we’re going to discuss a new channel to improve your customer engagement and boost sales – web push notifications.

Now before you ask what they are, you have probably seen brands send you push messages looking like this already:

example of a web push notification

And like this on mobile (all without installing any mobile app for the online store):

example of mobile web push notification

Now you might say, ‘oh these are irritating and no one likes them’. But the truth is when strategized well, web push campaigns can fetch you a 2770 % increase in customer engagement!

Why are web push notifications effective?

  • Easier to opt-in: Shoppers don’t have to share their email address with your store to be alerted of deals. One click to allow notifications, and they are all set to be notified of ongoing sales on their devices.
  • Real-time: Push messages reach your shoppers even when they are not on your Shopify store. The instantaneous nature of web push notifications engages them in real-time, no matter where they are.
  • Accelerated conversions: When you segment your shoppers to create targeted and personalized web push notifications, push messages can become conversion-driven.

While Shopify apps like PushOwl make it easy for you to get started with web push notifications, you still need to strategize well. Just like every other marketing campaign you run, you need to start off by identifying your shoppers, what they are looking for and what could encourage them to make a purchase.

Is it an additional discount that they are looking for? Are they looking for more product details? What were their previous purchases? What is it that will make them add an item to the cart and checkout?

Once you have your shoppers identified and segmented, all you need to do is choose a campaign objective, select a template and get set to automate your web push notifications campaign. And here are some campaign ideas.

Web push notification campaigns to boost your sales

1. Promote flash sales

Flash sales are time-sensitive and that’s why your shoppers need to be notified of them on time. Using web push notifications, let them know the flash sale is on and how much discount they can avail during the period. Remember to create a sense of urgency in your messaging.

image of web push notifications for promoting flash sales

2. Announce product launches

When you launch a new product, you want your customers to know. Instead of waiting for them to discover the products on social media, send them a push notification instead. You can even build up to the launch with product teasers, keeping your customers excited for what’s to come.  

image of web push notifications for  announcing product launches

3. Promote your products

Just like social media posts and promotional emails, use web push notifications to get your popular and featured products more visibility. Highlight what’s different about these products, add an image to make an impact and a call-to-action for your subscribers to easily reach the product pages.

An image of web push notifications for promoting products

4. Re-engage one-time visitors

Not all the shoppers on your site come with the intention to make a purchase. Turn these one-time visitors into customers with web push notifications. Offer a custom discount on the products they were browsing before leaving for maximum conversions.

An image of two web push notifications for re-engaging one-time visitors to your store

5. Engage your customers

Don’t let your existing customers slip away trying to only engage your one-time visitors. Use web push notifications to make these customers feel special. Offer them a loyalty discount, ask for feedback on their previous purchase or simply drop in to say a thank you.

An image of web push notifications for engaging your customers

6. Back in stock notifications

Sometimes customers lose interest in a Shopify store simply because the product they were looking for, ran out of stock. But that’s exactly what you should use to re-engage them. With Now-Back-In-Stock you can let customers subscribe to get notified of the out-of-stock products they are interested in.

an image of back in stock notifications

7. Price drop alerts

Let’s face it, all of us look for deals and discounts before making a purchase. And sometimes when we don’t find anything, we stall the purchase for later. Using price drop alerts you can re-engage your price-sensitive shoppers and nudge them to make a purchase while the offer is on. But remember, it needs to be on the products they have shown interest on.

an image of price drop alerts as web push notifications

8. Limited edition promotions

If your Shopify store sells special or limited edition products, remember to notify your customers of them. Boost sales by putting them in the spotlight by sending web push notifications promoting them as long as the stocks last. Remember to add a sense of scarcity to make the messages more actionable.

an image of web push notifications for limited edition promotions

9. Product how-tos and hacks

A shopper just purchased a product from your Shopify store. But sometimes they might need your help in putting that product to use. With web push notifications share product hacks, how-tos or snippets from your blog to help them make the most of their purchase.

an image of a web push notification for product how-tos and hacks

10. Reviews, ratings and testimonials

With so many Shopify stores offering similar products, it can be overwhelming for a shopper to choose who to make a purchase from. Use web push notifications to win their trust. Share your reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Or even better, share some of your user-generated content.

an image of web push notifications providing reviews, ratings, and testimonials

Keeping your customers and shoppers engaged

There is no one way or one campaign to keep your customers engaged. Based on what your Shopify store sells, who your customers are and how they interact with your store, you need to monitor and optimize your campaign continually.

Remember, not being able to keep your customers engaged is like losing a market you already paid for and will need to pay again to acquire.

Have you used web push notifications before?