Case Study

How Logan Zanki of Cozy Bump Boosted Conversion Rate with Storetasker’s Billy Yeung

Recently, I had the pleasure of reaching out to one of our Storetasker merchants, Logan Zanki, the founder and CEO of Cozy Bump.

Cozy Bump is an OB/GYN & chiropractor-approved pregnancy body pillow built to safely cradle baby bumps so pregnant people can rest on their stomachs.

I knew that Logan had recently worked with Billy Yeung and was able to boost his conversion rate thanks to some changes they made. And I wanted to learn more about that. Here’s our chat:

Timothy: My name is Timothy Dann-Barrick, I’m the digital marketing manager at Storetasker, and an admin of Shopify Entrepreneurs. Today I am joined by Logan. Logan is the founder and CEO of Cozy Bump. Logan, tell us exactly what that is.

Logan: Cozy bump is a product that allows pregnant women to lay on their stomach throughout pregnancy. What that basically does is, it’s allowing them to lay on their stomach, it removes that extra weight that they’re not used to carrying through the pregnancy.

During that process of removing that additional weight, and laying over in a convex shape, which is laying on your stomach, it actually decompresses the spine, which is a common problem a lot of pregnant women have because that additional weight is carrying down on their body.

Timothy: What was your inspiration for starting Cozy Bumps?

Logan: Great question. Obviously it’s for pregnant mothers, my wife is pregnant. She was pregnant. We’ve had two children. We had our first child, London, when she was pregnant with that, she couldn’t get comfortable.

We bought the Snoogle, the Boppy, I went out and bought a bean bag chair. Anything and everything you can buy, bought it.

We had a gym at the time and next to the gym was a pool store. The pool store was complaining about noise. So I stopped in there and started talking to the manager and in the background I noticed a very large inner tube with a hole in the center.

I was like, you know what? My wife can lay in that maybe. I’m still on the mission of trying to alleviate that pain for her. I asked how much, I’m going to buy it. We made amends, resolved the sound issue. I bought it. I ran it home. I said baby, baby, baby. This is going to be the answer to everything we’re looking for. I blew it up. I put her in the center and she went to go lay on it, and when she went to go lay on it, it ended up sucking her stomach in, right? And stressing her back.

So it wasn’t good. It was a dumb idea. So I threw it to the side.

Weeks later, I’m in another store and I notice a baby inner tube, right? So I said, I’ll try that on top of the bigger one. So I brought it back, I brought it home, and I blew it up and put the two of them together. It’s not stable, so I’m duct taping it all the way around.

So now I’ve got this big thing. What’s it’s doing is it’s creating a pyramid effect. A convex shape. So it’ll arch over. Then she goes to lie on it. So her stomach goes in the center, she’s lying on it, but now she’s arched over like this, right?

Which is good, because now it’s alleviating her upper and lower back so she feels good. She’s not feeling the weight anymore. Then the issue is, her head is dangling and her legs are dangling and she’s not comfortable.

So then I took all the cushions off the couch and I’m propping up her head, and I put a pillow there, propped up her head. Then I propped up her legs. Now we’ve go this contraption in the center of our living room that was larger than our coffee table, but it works. It works.

And coming from a spouse that’s seen their spouse go through pain, throughout pregnancy, it’s not easy at all. That’s why, in seeing that, it was good to just develop something and help her with it. That’s what pushed me to make the product.

Timothy: Was she able to benefit from the final product? Or was that what you had for her the whole time for both pregnancies?

Logan: She had the large contraption, bigger than a coffee table, for the last two months with my daughter, London. Then, we had the product … Well, I brought it to the patent stage and then to the development stage in China, and then finally came out with an actual product.

Then during that process of selling the product, we had another child. That was my son Maximus. Then she got to actually benefit that part of it.

Timothy: Now, when we were talking before, you mentioned that on your recent Storetasker project that you did with Bill Yeung, that he helped you increase your conversion percentage of your business. Tell me more about exactly what you had him do and how that worked out for you.

Logan: I started looking at HotJar, and I started noting that a lot of people started dropping off early as they’re scrolling down the page and my buy buttons were all the way down at the bottom.

So just tweaking with that, I found out that I could move things up further to the top. I could move my cart next to my logo on the right rather than below it. I can have my tool bar pushed to the upper left hand corner versus across the bottom of the logo.

I can make my add to cart button larger like Amazon. That’s something I did. I started looking at Amazon and seeing what did they do with their mobile verses their desktop option. Most of the buyers are on mobile.

Back to your initial question, how did he help me? I started going through and seeing how I could push everything to the top of the page to increase that funnel and then I showed him what I wanted to be done and he did it very quickly.

Now, the benefit of that is, these guys are well versed in Shopify. I tried going on other things like Freelancer, and a couple other sites you can go to, and they’ll say, “Yes, yes, yes, I can do it.” And then you get them in there and they’re just saying yes to anything, just to get the project.

Then you get them in there and you freak out because now you’re wasting time, and I need to be focused on other things. Now I gotta walk them through the process and then hope that they’re getting it.

And then they’re just going to be doing some coding that once they’re done with it, which has happened to me a dozen times, once they’re done with it, then I don’t even know what I have here now. I can’t even control it or adjust things on the back end, because they basically just did an embedded coding. It’s nothing I can touch anymore.

So he was able to help me by making those simple adjustments and quick.

Timothy: Yeah, it’s kind of how they say, jack of all trades, master of none. I feel like when you get on some of these sites, some folks are just really interested in, “Oh, I do this and this and this.” But they’re not actually focused.

Logan: It’s also a two sided thing too. And this is just a tip, right? Make it a red hot tip. Right? Don’t just say, “Hey, I want this done.” And type it out. Right? Cause then you’re leaving it to the creator or the artist, I guess you can say, or the programmer, same thing, to just say okay well I imagine he wants it like this and they’re stuck. And then you have a different image of it. Right?

So what I suggest is going out and either learning Photoshop, or getting a program that’s easy to navigate like Notability. And self designing the way you layout. This is just layouts. The way you want you page to layout. Even if it’s sloppy, it gives them a general idea of how you want it and then submit that.

Timothy: Yeah, you have to have that visual. That’s a good tip. I like it. So I usually ask folks to tell us about one recent major success and one recent epic failure.

I have the feeling this increase in your conversion that Billy helped you with is one of your recent successes. Can you give us a failure and then maybe one other success? Just to give us an idea of what you’re all about.

Logan: Okay. Another success aside from that is getting into Buy Buy Baby and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Timothy: Oh, nice.

Logan: That was a recent success for us. Another failure, I feel like every month it’s like, “Oh my god.” But the beauty of the failure is that whenever there’s a failure of something, it’s an oversight and now it’s like, this is how we fix it.

I would say the biggest failure I had would have been, this is a custom product, right? This isn’t a white label like a lot of companies out there, they’ll go out and they’ll white label something and resell it with their own brand on it. This is a custom product.

What I did as a failure, I would say I was lazy and went on to one of these sites and found a “manufacturer” and said here’s my blueprints, here’s my design, can you make it? They said yes.

Then every time the design came out, I would order. I would order 1,000, 2,000, 5,000. The design had faults. It was different every single time.

Timothy: Oh god.

Logan: It was never the same. I was like why? And then it’s leaking. Then it’s this. I’m like if it’s a mold, and I paid for a mold, why is it different every single time?

Timothy: Yeah.

Logan: And I’m losing money, because now these batches are bad and there are thousands of orders of just garbage now. Now I’ve got to throw them out. I have to blow out more money and buy more product.

So my failure was not going out there and interviewing manufacturers. Finally after three bad orders, I hopped on a flight and flew to China. I started interviewing manufacturers.

Cozy Bump

To then find out that two of the manufactures — I interviewed five — two of the manufacturers made my product. Now, how did two of the manufactures make my product when I was just working with one?

I was dealing with a broker that said he was a manufacturer. He was taking it and then farming it out.

Timothy: Oh god.

Logan: To different manufacturers and it wasn’t real. So now I’m getting padding costs, I’m getting different designs, and it was garbage designs. That was my failure because it cost me a lot of money.

That was also my success, because I learned from it. I flew out to China and I met a real manufacturer and I had tea with a real manufacturer and we discussed real pricing and now I’ve got better pricing, a better product, and a better turn time.

Timothy: I feel like for entrepreneurs, failures become success so much because you have to just keep going. You have to figure it out.

Wow. That’s really awesome. That makes a lot of sense. How about your biggest goal for 2018? We’re about a quarter into it, but-

Logan: Yeah, we’re into it. The biggest goal is to get on the shelves of a big box company. Target, Kohl’s, Walmart. Anything in there. I’d like to get on one of those shelves. Even if it’s a sample shelving. Just to start getting traction in it.

That’s what I’m in the process of structuring right now. I have my hit list and the LinkedIn account I’m working on and expanding that and targeting buyers. Things of that nature. That’s my biggest goal.

Timothy: Nice.

Logan: If you see it on the shelf, when you walk in the store, you know I hit my goal.

Timothy: Well, we don’t have Target up here, but next time I’m in the states I’ll check it out. See if it’s there.

Logan: You have Walmart in Canada.

Timothy: Oh yeah, that’s true. I’ll check it out there. Well, thanks so much for doing this for me. I’m really excited that we got to highlight you and I feel like your product is so unique it’s definitely nothing that I’ve ever seen before. That was one of the reasons that I wanted to reach out to you.

Logan: I appreciate that.