How To Reduce Cart Abandonment

A guest article by SugarBird, developer of Cart Notifications app, which enables stores to add a fun, dynamic notification to indicate the current number of items in their cart.

Do you have an online store and you are struggling with your website visitors to complete the purchase? That means that also suffers from cart abandonment. You need to address this issue.

Cart abandonment is when your potential buyers add products to the cart, and they do not complete the checkout and purchase process. Although they have the intent to buy, sometimes they just change their mind. A lot of the times, it happens because the buyers just forget, and something more important just pops up.

If this is something you suffer from as a store owner, you are likely to lose a lot of revenue.

This article will show you the reason why your customers do abandon their cart and how you as a store owner can tackle this problem.

There may be various solutions for this problem tackling each stage of the funnel. From letting users submit their email, granting them discounts after some period of time, various re-targeting marketing methods of Facebook and other ad platforms.

It is important for you as a store owner to test various methods to reduce cart abandonment. It is also important to make sure these methods are cost-effective.

For example, you will not grand discounts to all users. Although you may benefit from some additional sales, overall you will end up with lower revenue as users that would have bought anyway will also get the discount.

Like all problems, to provide the solution, we first need to know the causes of the issue. There may be many reasons to why your customers abandon the cart. One of the most common ones is distractions.

A customer who is just about to purchase a product might get an important email or a Facebook message from his best friend, which will lead him to go to another tab in his browser to check out the “distraction”. After browsing through this email or reading the Facebook message, the chats go on or the user just keeps on browsing through his Facebook feed, while the shopping carts have been completely forgotten.

A very effective way to reduce cart abandonment is by using apps. Cart Notification app is very easy to install and sets a little notification on the store’s favicon (small icon that appears on store’s tab). This notification is just like the notifications all big platforms like GMail and Facebook use. The notification displays the number of items in the cart in a very dominant way and reminding your customers about their pending cart so they can easily go back and complete their order.

When going out from your store’s tab, the notifications start blinking in a very dominant way so your customers just can’t ignore your store and make them return to the store to finish the purchase.

Treating cart abandonment is the most cost-effective way to get more sales from your store traffic without spending more on customer acquisition. Shopify apps that were built for this purpose can help in bringing back customers who really want to buy from your store but attention was just distracted by multiple open tabs and other things they are doing at the same time.

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