Brand Building: 7 Tips for Building a Memorable Online Store

A guest article by Sarah Saker, a small business coach, and freelance writer. A self-admitted geek, Sarah loves building and implementing business processes for growth, customer service, and task management. Connect with Sarah for coaching or writing help.

To make your online store memorable, you must use it as a tool to not only sell your products but to establish your brand as well. Through what you include on your online store’s site, you can create an identity for your brand and connect with your customers. Do what you can to get every visitor to your site to recognize your brand and remember it in the future.

1. Register a strong domain name

Oftentimes, the domain name that you choose for your business will be the first piece of your brand with which people come in contact. It is what can form a person’s first impression of you. Therefore, you must ensure that your online store’s domain name is one that will promote brand recognition.

To do so, make your domain name something short (no longer than a few words) so as to not make it too difficult to remember. It also must be easy to read, say, and type so that its chances of being shared or entered into a web browser incorrectly are lessened. Give it relevant to your brand so that it may be a call to action, giving people who interact with it the nudge both to visit your online store and to remember your brand in the future. If you are having a hard time coming up with a good one on your own, a domain name suggestion tool can quickly give you several options to choose from and show you if they are available.

2. Include the purpose of your business

Let the visitors to your online store know why the store even exists in the first place. By telling visitors to your site where your company’s passion lies and how you wish to help customers, you are making your online store more personable and relatable. You are letting the public know that you created your business to serve them in some way and that you truly care about what you do.

3. Describe the products/services offered

Your online store will, of course, be home to products and/or services for customers to buy, but you must make sure that more than just product lists and images, the site includes the details about what you offer as well. Really allow the customer to learn about their options and develop an idea in their mind of how a particular good could benefit them in their personal life. Also, be sure that any product images are high quality and high-resolution. Give your brand credibility and show that it has thought of everything by giving visitors to your online store all the information they could want.

4. Don’t forget visual elements

People retain 80 percent of what they see and only 20 percent of what they read. Increase your brand’s chances of being remembered by someone after having visited your online store by including appealing, relevant visual elements.

5. Link to your social media accounts

Promote engagement with your brand by putting links to its social media accounts on your online store’s site. Make them easily seen on your homepage or a clearly labeled tab. Get people to connect with your brand across multiple online channels and be exposed to as much of your brand’s content as possible by directing them to your brand on social media via your online store.

6. Cater to your target market

You can try, but chances are that you will never be able to perfectly please everyone. Rather than marketing your online store to everyone and only catching the attention of a few, narrow your focus. By marketing to a more niche area of the market, you can engage more people with specialized content that is of interest to them.

If you are unsure of who the target market you should be catering to is, conduct market research in order to find out. That way, you can know the specific demographics of your primary audience, as well as more in-depth behavioral patterns like purchasing decisions and likes/dislikes regarding your industry.

7. Keep SEO in mind

As you build your online store and create content for it, think about how it will perform within search engine sites. Consider how you can get it to rank well with search engines and how you can get visitors to share it with others. Utilize keywords and phrases to get your store at the top of more search results pages and include content that engages your audience and has them posting it across the web.

Take these tips for building an online store to be remembered and use them to establish your brand within your site. Engage the visitors to your online store and get them to come back again and again.

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