Win Back Sales with Abandoned Cart Facebook Ads

Last week I had an awesome chat with James Corr of OnlyGrowth. He showed us how to easily use Klaviyo to send abandoned cart emails to customers when the click Add to Cart — without them having to enter their email.

If you missed it, you’re in luck. You can check it out here.

Immediately after the chat, James told me he wanted to do it again. I thought that was a great idea!

He told me about his technique for setting up Cart Abandon ads in Facebook, and I knew we had to show you guys what it’s all about.

If you have done any Facebook ads, you’ll know that it can be pretty pricey to get potential customers to your store — AND it’s a pain when they leave without buying.

If you have their email, you can shoot them a quick reminder to buy what they put in their cart — but what if you don’t have their email?

I’m glad you asked! Put an ad in front of their face with the exact product they added to their cart.

This is way more powerful than a simple dynamic retargeting ad, because it only shows to people who added the item to their cart (i.e. the most likely to actually go back and buy the item.)

There are two reasons why this is an incredible strategy.

  1. It is way cheaper than your other Facebook ads
  2. People look at Facebook all day long, but it’s a lot harder to get eyes on your emails.

The first step is to use Facebook to target anyone who has added an item to their cart. If you have a low-traffic store right now, you may want to add in those who have viewed your product page so your ads are seem by more people.

Check out this Shopify blog article for details on the technical aspect of targeting — especially if this is your first time!

Next you want to create ad copy that encourages users to message you for a coupon. That allows you to target them with a bot campaign that will send them the coupon.

James uses ManyChat to engage customers in Facebook chats. It’s a free bot app and it allows you to add as much or little conversation as you want. There are also features to make it seem like you’re actually typing so it’s hard to tell that it’s really a bot.

Obviously setting up a bot is not the best way to handle customer service. That said, it will help save you time so you can focus on customers who really need your attention.

If you’ve had success with Abandoned Cart Facebook Ads, we’d love to hear about it. Did you use a messenger bot? Another engagement technique? Let us know!